Bazaruto Island Reviews

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  1. Richard said:

    Indigo Bay Island Resort and Spa

    Great setting, great rooms, This is our second stay but an overall decrease in quality and maintenance was observed from a year ago. We stayed in a villa with three kids 11, 9 and 5 and they had a great time. Given the price one need to ask what the staff and management do to make their visitors feel extra welcome and have good memories of the resort and their trip …. ? With a bit more training in the basics of meeting guests expectations and a bit more customized/personal service they can improve significantly in this area without increasing their overheads. I agree with the other reviewers that the food options becomes ‘boring’ and monotonious after a while, although the food was very tasty and of good quality, sometimes they get it really wrong like serving us a 2007 Nederburg Sauvignoun Blanc which way past it due date. Overall a good experience, value for money is ‘debatable’, if it was not for the fishing, I would not recommend as their are other places to spend so much money on.

  2. Jane said:

    Pestana Bazaruto Lodge

    This is truly a must for all travellers. The location and resort is absolutely beautiful. The water and diving is magnificent. The sea is crystal clear and warm. The service is outstanding, the staff waited on us at all times and were always friendly and helpful. It was our 21st wedding anniversary and we were treated To candlelight dinners on the beach with the table set on the waters edge. Not a breath of wind. The beach chalets are spacious, modern, private and modern.
    The spa is even more breathtaking than the resort which is saying something. The spa got voted the best spa resort in Africa and there is no question as to why an absolute must for all.

    We cannot explain how truly remarkable this place is and being South African we are very proud. We travel extensively and this is truly a slice of paradise.

    The resort suits couples best.

  3. Cameron said:

    Pestana Bazaruto Lodge

    This is a beautifully designed hotel on an idyllic island. We took the small plane ride from Vilanculo which was just awesome. I’ve flown over the Great Barrier Reef and this was just as good – amazing sea and sand dunes. Excellent welcome (although there was a mix-up with our bookings which could have been handled better by the desk staff) from the lovely Sara who guided us round the hotel and its grounds superbly.
    Our room – all rooms are in individual chalets facing the beach – was beautifully designed. I think they are all basically the same. We really loved the amazingly comfortable stone bath and the outside shower with loads of hot water! Neil was in charge of sports etc and helped us do loads of things. Watch out though because they charge extra to take one to the best snorkelling beach as it’s further away (the Lighthouse beach) but it is worth it – you’ll have it all to yourselves.
    The food was excellent the whole time. Since it was very quiet when we arrived we were given a la carte choices inclusive which were all delicious – lots of seafood. Good choice of wines and beers. Soft drinks are not included in the all inclusive but tea and coffee is always available free.
    We tried the spa on the last day and wished we’d gone earlier since the hot stone massage was one of the best ever. There were lots more things available to do but snorkelling and swimming were our favourites – or just lying by the pool reading. Good games room, etc for the evening and lovely bar area with the always friendly staff.
    It’s very hard to fault this place – we didn’t want to leave.

  4. arnaldo said:

    Indigo Bay Island Resort and Spa

    The beach chalets are really on the beach, the waters really are clear and torquoise blue and indigo bay provides a delightful beach holiday and the staff are great ambassadors for the mozambique people with delightful dispositions and “can do” attitude. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed this beach break following two plus weeks in southern africa and though we stayed at top rated hotels everywhere, indigo bay provided the best food! My only criticism is that the activities and extras, not included in the “all inclusive” package are quite pricey and even annoying. For example we need to take a “box lunch” today because we depart at noon and will not have a chance to buy lunch due to awkward travel arrangements…….even though all meals are included they want $10 per box lunch… treatments are new york city prices…….still no place is absolutely perfect and this one comes pretty close, especially where it matters.

  5. Tony Vovo said:

    Bazaruto lodge was wonderful. It started off with a spectacular flight over to the island in a funny little plane followed by a tractor ride from the air strip to the lodge. We had a very warm welcome on arrival. The rooms are lovely, with quite a luxurious feel; lovely outdoor shower, view of the sea from the bed, good mozzie nets and each house has its own breach loungers. It feels very private. If you don’t like walking – ask for a “house” closer to the lodge otherwise you have a bit of a walk to and from the dining area and pool. We quite enjoyed our strolls along the beach. Activities wise we had a magic trip over to Paradise Island (Santa Carolina island) and saw the ruined old hotel. We happened to hook up with a local also visiting the island so got the full rundown! He also then took us to the indigo bay hotel for a sneak peak. It is certainly MUCH more lavish than Bazaruto lodge but it depends what you like. I would have found it too much and that that level of perfection might have spoiled the rustic charm of the island. But hey, if you want luxury – Indigo Bay is the way forward. Back at bazaruto lodge we enjoyed our daily trip out to coral garden for snorkelling. It was close enough from the shore that you felt really safe while you snorkelled. The rest of our day was spent between sleeping and eating. Food I’d say is average. They make an effort to offer a variety of foods.
    There were some hawkers on the beach that were tricky to avoid but is Africa and it is also good to try and help the locals. Since my husband and I have also visited Flamingo Bay, we had fantastic debates over which we would recommend if someone had one holiday in mozam. After MUCH debate it was decided that while we’d recommend both, Flamingo would win. Primarily for the uniqueness of the accommodation and the snokelling right under your house on stilts. Snorkelling at Bazaruto lodge is better but you do have to get on a little tractor for 10 mins to get there. Hope this is useful!

  6. Brenda said:

    Indigo Bay Island Resort and Spa

    What a awesome place , the staff were amazing so friendly and always willing to help with a smile , the food far exceeded our expectations with a wide variety of fresh seafood daily and knowledgeable staff to assist with selections . We stayed in a Bay View Villa which was magnificently appointed with breathtaking views .I would like to mention Ross who was always on hand to offer knowledgeable advice friendly service ( he is a real asset to the resort ).
    The whole family had an awesome time with the children being continually entertained with mini golf, tennis, snorkeling , (best in the world) sand boarding etc.
    Cant wait to go back!!!!!

  7. Amber Hood said:

    Mozambique is divine and Bazaruto sure is a wonderful place to start discovering it, even if you’re not a diving fanatic.

    We had great expectations about the island but weren’t expecting much of the hotel. What a mistake! It sure exceeded the expectactions.

    But before describing the hotel, a little note on the plane trip to get to Bazaruto. What an amazing view. Absolutely gorgeous. Use your camera!

    The hotel is composed of 40 (more or less) bungalows that are spread along the beach facing the sea. Please note that there are 2 or 3 bungalows that have no direct sea view, so please confirm that you are booked a front bungalow.

    The bungalows are very spacious and tidy. It has a large bath and an outside shower. We became fan of showing at moonlight, it was really romantic. The rooms are provided with a mosquito net and mosquito repelent if you happen to have forgotten yours. Every bungalow has it own sunbathing beds (at the varanda and on the beach). Really private romantic and peaceful…

    Food is fantastic – forget about your diet and enjoy the divine desserts. We recommend the chocolate roll (‘salame de chocolate’) and the bread pudding. The main dishes are also good and tasty but don’t expect for the variety we get on an international hotel like Riu or Iberostar. But it sure is better. The less positive thing is the bread that has no salt at all, but we have been to South Africa and it was the same.

    Be prepared for low tide… it is really low. The sea simply disappears! But it provides such a nice landscape that no one cares if they have to walk for 15 minutes to get to a ‘normal’ beach. But if you prefer the hotel provides a two-times a day transfer to that beach.

    On the way you might cross some local people that will try to sell you thing or ask for your t-shirt or shoes. But it happens everywhere, so don’t worry.

    The hotel provides a computer and free internet access. It is not the fastest internet connection but no need to rush!

    We spent 5 nights at Bazaruto because we were really in need of rest and peace. The normal stay is 2/3 nights.

    We recommend Bazaruto and this hotel to everyone.

  8. Candice Ferreira said:

    Indigo Bay Island resort and Spa

    Our honemoon destinations were a surprise for me. We started in Zambia at another spectacular resort which set the bar really high, after a few other stops, we ultimately landed up at Indigo Bay which did not disappoint at all. The staff were very helpful and attentive to detail. The activities were all well pland and very enjoyable. I could not think of a better way to relax and unwind after the mania building up to the wedding. Every scene looked like a post card…